Five tricks to win sports betting

Still, there are a number of tricks or tips that we can put into practice in search of that goal of winning with sports betting now. Before reading further, you must be clear that it is a very difficult path, and that one of the determining factors is chance, so none of the tricks you will see next is infallible, although they do have a fairly high percentage of effectiveness. After all, the 100% safe bet does not exist, and the easier it is to be met, the smaller the quota will be and the more you have to invest to get it out.

✅ Bullish directional bets: seize the opportunity when you see it

There are trains that only pass once in a lifetime, and that’s what happens with directional bets. The key is that the implicit probability of the odds offered by the bookmaker is less than the real probability of the predicted result, that is, that the bet has value. Although the bookies set a quota before the game, it oscillates and often they are forced to increase it, which will increase your chances of success. This is what happens when in a 1X2 bet the visitor’s share is 2.0 (50% chance) but it rises to 2.2 (45%) because the bettors opt for the 1 or the X. Therefore, we must analyze the evolution of The fees.

✅ Betting arbitration: the one who seeks finds

Although most bookmakers offer similar odds, sometimes we find large differences and an unbalanced situation, where we can find safe bets. It is clear that no bookmaker will offer quotas where it can lose, but if you analyze the odds of different bookmakers it is relatively easy to find that negative spread due to the adjustment of quotas. Thus, by making a contradictory bet in both bookmakers, you will see that, whoever wins, the real winner will be you since the winnings of one bookie will compensate for the money lost in the other bet.

✅ Low odds are not always safe bet

The legend says that with a low fee we have the guaranteed green, but this is not the case. For example, with a quota of 1.05, which is common in sports such as tennis, the options that come out are 99.05%. However, it is a worthless bet, which also does not help us improve odds around 1.5 and that will put our bankroll in jeopardy. When we take green for granted, we invest in the bet more than we should, putting at risk a high percentage of funds to obtain minimum profits that do not always end up coming out.The low fees have no value and will not help you win money by betting.

✅ Concentration against impulses: analysis is the key

The analysis is one of the keys to make your bets a success. We cannot bet impulsively, although many times our instincts lead us to it. Behind each bet there should be a thorough analysis of the possibilities and forecasts of the bet. We must be fresh to bet so we will not play when we are emotionally touched, to overcome a bad run or under the effects of substances such as alcohol or drugs, since in those cases we do not analyze the situation correctly or assess the risks. If you do you have all the numbers to end up losing.

✅ Specialize in a market

You have to diversify the bets (don’t put all the eggs in the same basket), since this is how the risk is shared, but you can specialize in a particular sport or market. For example, if you like boxing you can specialize in bets on noble art; if you are a follower of the Premier you can do it in British football … A few years ago it would have been very complicated, but you have at your disposal all the necessary means to follow a competition or sport and specialize in it. Remember that the more you know it, the easier it will be to get it right with your bets, and the more options you have to win with them.

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