The secrets to win sports betting (part 2)

The secrets to win sports betting (part 2)

Don’t fall for the temptation of rumors

Betting on rumors is tempting. It generates great benefits but it is not possible to have a number in hand to minimize the margin of error. The risk is very large and implies a (almost) certain loss.

“The Chinese wall is the only structure built by man that can be seen from space”; “Napoleon Bonaparte was short”; etc. These are rumors that although they are not true, they have been impregnated in the different societies of the world for years.

Rumors of signings, withdrawal of players or others, is not a smart way to bet.Also, if, for example, we divide a room into two and generate a rumor for one side and another rumor for the other side, the response of the punters will be conditioned and the “Wisdom of Crowds” cannot be observed, due to the fact that by nature human, we don’t usually rely on our own judgment and we follow the people who are behind much of our decisions.

Simply put, betting based on rumors will only assure you a defeat.

It’s just a matter of google

The bets changed completely, now before putting your money is a match, you must know the basics such as odds, the way the brokers make money, the trend of a certain bookmaker, etc.

There is a wide variety of online betting houses that offer different formats to suit the customer, it is only a matter of finding which one suits you best.

In the information age it is no longer just putting money, it is moving it intelligently. Almost no one goes from the first page of Google, if you do you will get information that will leave you ahead of your competition.

What is the best time to bet?

Use your common sense. You know football, use your knowledge to minimize the margin of error.

Remember that the decisions of others condition yours. Suppose Real Madrid plays against Barcelona. You want to bet on Real Madrid but most people place Barcelona as a favorite and condition your choice.

Before putting your money to either team, do not see how the bets are, first study the probability of your prediction. Remember that brokers offer you possibilities, it is in you to know the odds.

The odds are part of our daily lives.

How many have not said something like: “I’m 99% sure I’m going to get promoted”? or “The probability of rain today is 45%.” Everything in our life are probabilities and we are in a constant calculation either subjective or objective.

Objectivity is not always possible, but approaching it will minimize the margin of error.

That said, let’s continue with the example of Barcelona and Real Madrid:

Barcelona is the champion of the last league, while Real Madrid did the same in the Champions League. let’s say they play in the final of the Copa del Rey 2019; My prediction would be 55% Real Madrid and 45% for Barcelona but we must not forget that the draws also exist and the competition in which the faces are seen depends, it can be between 20% and 30% so we can place this 25% option.We have a 75% chance that the match will end in 90 minutes. According to my estimated calculations, Real Madrid has a probability of victory in match.

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