India v England live blog: all the latest moves from the Betfair markets on Day 2

Welcome to Betting.Betfair’s live blog for what promises to be a pivotal day in the First Test in Chennai. England have resumed on 263-3. You can read how we got on on day one here

CLOSE England 555-8

That’s your lot, folks from day two. England are in charge. But we wonder whether they have fallen between two stools. They haven’t put the massive score on the board that they wanted. And they didn’t accelerate in the final session or shove India in for a tricky spell. Still, there are good signs that the pitch is taking wear and tear and that could put India under significant pressure in the fourth-innings. We have an interesting trade running on India, taking 15.0014/1 in case they can get close to parity. England could feel pressure in the third dig in that scenario. But it is very much a speculate to accumulate ploy. India are 19.018/1, England 3.1085/40 and the draw 1.584/7. A big chunk has come off the latter as expected. We expect that to get shorter yet. See you bright and early in the morn.

England 528-8

Rohit dropped an absolute dolly off Washington last over. Rohit’s having a great old laugh about it. I bet he’s good fun on a night out if he finds such things hilarious. Mind you, might be a good idea if he got his head down and concentrated instead of fooling about. That’s the only reason he didn’t pouch it. All a bit pointless now. England just eating up time and overs. and they will do the same in the am too.

England 528-8

Ishant has given India some cheer. India are 15.014/1, England 2.6813/8 and the draw, drifting slightly, to 1.804/5. Wonder if England are feeling slightly peeved they’ve not put themselves out of reach. They could fear India parity on first-innings now. Mind you, there does appear to be deviation from the pitch of Ishant now. It’s not reverse. It’s hitting the seam and cutting in to the right hander. That’s what did for Buttler and Archer.Let’s take the 15.014/1 on India with the view of a long-term trade when England bat again.

WICKET England 525-8-6

Archer castled by Ishant who is on a hat-trick.

WICKET England 525-7

Buttler is bowled shouldering arms to Ishant for 30. A mini blow for England. They were hoping he was, at some stage, going to blast them towards 600. Do England put time back in the game now? Some quick runs and a tricky, inconvenient little spell tonight for India’s batsmen? There doesn’t seem much point in the tail just nudging around. Oh, Archer gone first ball!

England 501-6

India whooping and holldering as Buttler edges behind. But the unmpire is unmoved. India were jumping and down like toddlers at a bouncy carpet, celebrating and hugging. They were convinced. That or they were happy Pant caught one. Arf!

England 494-6

India can take a new ball but they are holding fire. That says a lot about their match situation. They don’t really want to bat this evening and risk a couple of wickets. Much better to try and put a squeeze on England. A new ball could well make runscoring easier.

WICKET England 477-6

Root goes leg before for 218. Shahbaz got him. We were just going to start discussing a lay of 600 or more at even money but our timing is off. No money available now for that one. India into 15.50.

England 473-5

What does that Pope wicket mean for the match odds market? Not much. India take a little bit of a cut to 20.019/1 but pretty much as you were otherwise. England 2.727/4 and the draw 1.705/7.

WICKET England 473-5

Pope has gone. Leg-before to Ashwin. Important strike for those who are on Ashwin for top India bowler in this first-innings. Buttler comes in. Remember he was 9/4 for a fifty.

England 469-4

Commentator on the telly box saying ‘no sign of a declaration’. Eh? England will bat all day and into tomorrow if they’re allowed. Notable that the 600 or more - a price we discussed earlier - is in to 1.68]. It was 3.002/1 after Ben Stokes was out.

England 457-4

Heroic effort by me during the tea break. Blueberry pancakes made for the family. England looking to push on now. Really should out the hammer down and move this game on.

TEA England 454-4

India’s price apart, much not movement on the match odds market as it waits for the game to move on. England are dominant. But it has known that for some time. England can only assert more dominance with wickets when it is India’s turn to bat. England 2.707/4 and the draw 1.705/7. India disappearing fast at 22.021/1. By the way, 91 runs in the session so that cheeky Sportsbook update wasn’t big enough for buyers.

ROOT 201* England 440-4

Three of Root’s last four Test centuries have been converted to doubles. It has been a largely faultless knock. There was one false stroke yesterday against Ashwin and apart from that he has been in complete control. It also looks like being three top-bat wins in a row.

England 431-4

Big Bash Final about to get underway as we count down the 20 minutes to go to tea. We have two wagers for the Scorchers-Sixers clash. Josh Philippe to top bat for Sixers and an unders wager on maximums. With Scorchers opting to field our recommendation on Sixers chasing for the win is void. Joe Root requires six for a double. He has already notched the highest score by a player in history in their 100th Test. Shahbaz is raging that a leg-before call has been turned down. But India have no reviews left. Two of their calls to go upstairs were laughable as the trend for Kohli getting little right continues.

England 416-4

Starting to think ahead to India’s innings on this road. We are wary of betting the top-bat markets because it’s such a good batting track that to pick out one guy to score more than most seems like a folly. Here are Sportsbook prices to score a ton: Rohit Sharma 15/2, Shubman Gill 15/2, Virat Kohli 7/2, Cheteshwar Pujara 5/1. And to score a 50: Cheteshwar Pujara 13/8, Virat Kohli 11/10, Rohit Sharma 13/8, Shubman Gill 11/5. Pujara is probably the one who stands out on first look.

England 404-4

Strange short of lull in play. Pope still trying to find his feet with seven runs from 34. Over rate is down. Still 49 runs in the session, though. One would have thought there would be an acceleration at some stage.

England 395-4

That Stokes wicket has seen a change up on innings runs. Not much cash available that 600 or more for England in now at 3.002/1. Considering 550 or more is as skinny as 1.4840/85, it doesn’t seem like a mug wager by any stretch. Ollie Pope is the new man and is just finding his way. Jos Buttler will be next in. Sportsbook make him 9/4 for a fifty. We suspect that is going to be the profitable market when it is India’s turn to bat.

WICKET England 387-4

Stokes gone. Holing out off Nadeem 18 shy of a ton. A waste from Stokes, really. He could have got as many as he wanted. India 13.012/1, England 2.707/4 and the draw 1.774/5.

England 384-3England now even money for 600 or more first-innings runs.

They should bat all day here. There seems little reason to declare. They will be keen to put as many overs on this surface as possible. India beginning to look beleagured.

England 363-3India 11.50, England 2.747/4 and the draw 1.774/5.

Those are the odds as the second session begins. We’ve taken 3.052/1 England before lunch because of the variable bounce. Surely it is too early in a Test to be seeing such spit and bounce? One may also be as comfortable laying the draw but we’re prepared to wait for shorter odds on that front. When India are batting - and 100-run partnership is surely not beyond them - we can be taking 1.402/5.

England 357-3

HA! And just as we post that Sportsbook adjust their quote and it’s up to over or under 95.5. That’s about right one would have thought.

England 357-3

Sportsbook go over 79.5 runs in this session at 5/6. We think that’s one to take on. England scored at 3.12 runs per over in that first session. We got 30 overs on day one between lunch and tea. If we get a similar over rate and run rate then England should bust that comfortably. Ben Stokes is in attacking mode, Joe Root is well set. And India’s big problem is a lack of control. Shahbaz and Washington are not giving Virat Kohli any assistance in that regard.

England 355-3

Just before we’re about to resume, why not have a read of our Big Bash Final preview here with three recommended wagers.

LUNCH England 355-3

England dominant as they notch 92 runs in the session at 3.12 an over. They will expect to turn the screw after lunch. Best of all there has been significant evidence that the pitch is misbehaving. Three or four examples of uneven bounce in the first session on day two is extremely good news for the tourists. That’s why we’ve taken the 3.052/1 on England. The draw is 1.774/5. That is now lay territory although it is likely to get much, much shorter. England are now 2.8815/8 with India 11.50.

England 339-3

Hello. The ball has just spat from a length from Washington Sundar. I wouldn’t want to be batting fourth on this. It could well be this wicket is going to break up. We shouldn’t really be seeing any varying bounce so early in this game. That’s third-innings stuff right there. Surely this brings England into play as the value wager at 3.052/1? At the very least we will be able to trade that.

England 326-3

Stokes batting as this is a minefield all of a sudden. Sweeps, reverse sweeps. He has been dropped twice in the last few moments. Trying to hit the leather off the ball as if there’s going to be one with his name on any second. The ball has started to spit and bite out of the footmarks. This is great news for England. If they can post something monstrous. That’s less likely if Stokes continues to bat like this. He needs to knuckle down and out some shots away. England into 2.8815/8.

England 303-3

India have just burned two reviews in two overs. The first was by Ashwin against Stokes and was bizarre. It was a leg-before but hit him on the glove. The second was by Shahbaz against Root. Again for leg-before. That was unlucky. Root was hit bang in front but the ball was going over. The draw at 1.9010/11 is going to be skinnier by the end of the day. Been pretty resolute so far.

England 303-3

Drinks. Once passing 100, Root averages 161. He currently has 142. How many is he going to get, then? Sportsbook are taking a view. They are offering over/unders on the Yorkshireman at 188.5 and 198.5. That’s over the former at 10/11 and over the latter at 5/4. Consecutive boundaries from Stokes (26) has seen his quote shoot up. Now 10/11 for more than 58.5.

England 291-3

Ravi Ashwin is off. So just like on day one, when India were squeezing with that reverse and Ashwin whirling away, Kohli makes a change. Ashwin is off. Shahbaz Nadeem is on. Let’s have a wager, then. Stokes is 10/11 for more than 48.5 runs with Sportsbook. We’re on him for top England bat - a bet which will surely go down - so it is not a leap to reckon he can at least spend some crease time.

England 281-3

Hint of reverse swing now as Ishant Sharma is getting shape on the ball. This was the game yesterday. India were beginning to squeeze England with the Ishant-Ashwin combination as the ball started to do bits. Then, inexplicably, Virat Kohli took them off and India lost their grip. When we see Washington and Nadeem return to the attack, we expect England to dominate. SO keep a watching brief for a few moments and then there are a couple of markets we might be able to play.

England 280-3

One market move we’re convinced by is the draw price. It’s 2.0421/20. If it’s not prohibitive odds on by the end of the day we’d be amazed. You can trade on that.

England 274-3

Batting should be easy. But, and it’s a big but, England are not likely to have it all their own way. The ball started to reverse after about 20 overs yesterday. Dan Lawrence can attest to that. So that’s about six overs away. So it might not be wise to start tucking into that price about 500 England runs or more. When there are signs that these two are going to push on through that reverse swing, that is the time. Shape or swing on the ball could squeeze one of these two out before then. Everything looks easy at the mo but hold fire. Also, Ben Stokes has been dismissed seven times by Ashwin in Tests. No other bowler has dismissed him more often.

England 269-3

What do we expect to happen today, then? Well, England should, should push on towards something monstrous. On this placid wicket a score of 500 would seem to be a minimum. Those with decent memories will recall that England batted first on this very ground in 2016, made 477…and lost. Ouchy. England will be well aware of that - there are five survivors in their squad. But shoulda-woulda-coulda and all that. What we’re interested in is will they go on to make 500? They are 2.1011/10 to do so on the innings runs market.

England 263-3

Welcome back to where it’s at if you’re into cricket, betting and market moves, you sauce pot you. We’re raring to go in these small wee hours. The early bird catches the worm if you like. And we’ve got our eyes on some juicy morsels. Joe Root and Ben Stokes are out in the middle, ready to resume as England eye something juicy themselves. Let’s get into it. Quick check on the odds…. India are 4.10, England 3.3512/5 and the draw is 2.166/5.

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