Most popular online betting: tips for betting on basketball

Basic guide for new punters: discover what are the six most popular markets to bet on basketball online.

Like any other sports discipline, basketball has its most popular tricks and markets for placing bets online. The bettor must know each of them and know how they work to start playing online. Next, we tell you what are the six main markets of betting of balonecesto.

Moneyline or Moneyline: It’s as simple as betting on a winner. Depending on the betting portal this will be reflected with a different name. In the case of it is found as “A winner” and on “Money line”. It should be noted that in this sports discipline you do not bet on a draw, as in football.

Bets for the 1st quarter / 2nd quarter / 3rd quarter / 4th quarter or 1st half / 2nd half: In basketball bets, you have the opportunity to bet on the winner of each quarter or half. So as the game unfolds you can change the winner as you observe the performance of the quintets, which gives you more play options and therefore win.

Over / Under: This type of bet refers to the score that the teams will make either at the end of the match, in each quarter or halfway through the game, where Over is up and Under is down. This market is identified with the letters O / U and you will see a score, for example, O + 94.5 / U -94.5. This means that you play that one of the quintets will win with more than 94.5 points or less than 94.5. If you correct your prediction, you multiply the amount of money placed by the fee offered by the portal.

Handicap points: This market could be listed as one of the most popular in basketball. The handicap is a score placed by the bookmaker that is added or subtracted to teams with the intention of matching the chances of winning. An example, in the match between Los Angeles Lakers vs Orlando Magic. To the total of the match 5.5 points are added to the Lakers to the final result and Orlando is subtracted the same amount, if even so the quintet you bet wins, you can collect your winnings.

First to score X points: In each encounter the sports bookmakers place this market. By clicking on its tab, you will see the number of points established by the portal (10, 15, 20, 30). You must choose which of the two quintets will first reach the selected score.

Room in which more points will be scored: As the name implies, it is as simple as betting on the room or half where you think more points will be made. Choose the room and the equipment and according to the established quota, calculate your possible profit.

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