Bet on basketball for the first team to score

Bet on basketball for the first team to score

We give advice and analysis to take into account when betting on who will be the first team to score in a basketball game.

Following the strategies in basketball bets, now we will analyze the strategy of betting on the first team to score, specifically in NBA League games because this is the league from which we can get more data for the comparison of parameters that help to the right.

This bet is perhaps the one in which most times we are going to get the odds or proportion of profit offered by the bookmakers, since it is about hitting the team that scores the first point of the game and in theory both would have a 50% chance of achieving it, so the objective of the analysis is to try to raise that percentage in favor of either club.

The starting point for the strategy study of betting on the first team to score is one that we always emphasize, and is to confirm the team’s starting lineups. This information is the cornerstone of this bet that is usually resolved in the first moments of each match, so the team that wins the initial jump will have a high probability of scoring first.

Having the line-ups of the day and the NBA being a regular day circuit with a good amount of games, this gives us the opportunity to select games where we believe we have an advantage when betting, crucial detail in the use of strategies in betting basketball and in general lines of any sport. There then comes the second factor to consider, which is the comparison of the characteristics of the player of each team that is responsible for that jump that starts the game, characteristics such as height, physical characteristics and the percentage of gain in said jumps

Having this data already clear, then there will be days where when making the comparison of the players to play that first ball in the different games of the date we will find one or more matches where that percentage of possibility of having the initial attack of the match is greater than 50%, which also means raising the chance of scoring the first basket of the game.

Apart from the sporting parameters, another detail to be evaluated (not less important) is that of the stake to be used in this and in any of the strategies in basketball bets, with the stake being understood as the amount of money that is risked according to the trust that is Have in the bet.We recommend starting the week using a low stake, so that even starting losing, you have the opportunity to recover without affecting the volume of money allocated weekly to bets. Of course, by familiarizing yourself with the study of the factors we have mentioned, there will be conferences where games with a theoretical advantage will be achieved in favor of one of the teams, in which case a stake greater than the one usually recommended can be used.

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